Erik Soulliard is a writer/director who’s worked on everything from feature films to shorts to music videos and marketing pieces. His feature film "The Creek" won Best Horror Feature at the Illinois International Film Festival in 2007 and went on to domestic DVD distribution despite being a small low budget piece.

   He helmed music videos such as the “Love in a Bottle” video for the band Shift Seven that went on to play on FUSE. He worked closely with bands on concept videos that take big ideas and make them a reality despite budgetary constraints like Meeka's “Death of Me.”

   Erik developed multiple video-focused apps for the iPhone. They range from the children’s app "Skiddlywags" to the more adult-minded "The Man's Zen". Both of these apps are unique by relying on “in app” video unlike most apps which merely redirect the user outside of the app.

    Working closely with clients, Erik also wrote and directed compelling marketing projects such as for St Anne’s Retirement Community and also fast-paced commercials for 717 Tattoos and a promo video for metal artist Matt Kreider's Project X - Black Sunshine.

    Internet campaigns and viral videos are timely and Erik has produced multiple campaigns which combined currently boast over 2.75 million views. One specific marketing video he did for "The Creek" titled "Real Ghost Video in Cemetery" has garnered almost 225K views alone.

    Although Erik is constantly working and looking for interesting projects, his main focus is still feature film. He wrote over 5 feature scripts, multiple shorts and has many concepts for film and TV in the development stage. His current project, the feature film “12 Bells,” is being produced by Framelight Productions and is expected to go into production within the year.


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