Erik Soulliard is a freelance editor who’s wide range of experience gives him a unique ability to work fluently in almost any film or video environment. Erik’s experience ranges from the award-winning feature film "The Creek" to marketing videos such as was needed for St Anne’s Retirement Community. For the iPhone, he edited video and created all the motion graphics for the children’s app "Skiddlywags" and the more adult-themed app "The Man's Zen". Erik also excels at the more free form and creative nature of music videos. He cut the “Love in a Bottle” video for the band Shift Seven and worked with combining archive news footage and live action shots of the Kenny Buss Band to create an interesting artistic feel for the song “Green War.” Finally, Erik worked in the growing world of webisodes. He cut the first two episodes of the hit web series “Making the Squad: The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders."

   Erik is always looking for a new challenge to tackle be it a short film, feature film, music video or anything in between. Take a look at his reel below and you’ll find that his diversity is only rivaled by his creativity.


The Creek
Mans Zen
717 Tattoo


Moonshine Road
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