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Go to one of the above links to view either Erik's full acting reel or voice-over reel. You can also take a look below at short excerpts from a number of his projects – some of which didn't make the final reel. This page will be updated with small scenes from his newest work.


Click on the appropriate Media Player selection under each clip to view or right click and download it to your desktop to watch later. These clips are currently in the QuickTime and Windows Media format. You can download the newest version of your desired player below or download Acrobat Reader by clicking on the Acrobat link. Acrobat will allow you to open the printable PDF versions of Erik's Headshot and Resume on the previous pages.

Indoor Plumbing
Directed by Andrew Cesana
35mm - NYU/UCLA Film
*Official Selection Slamdunk Film Festival
The Creek
Directed by Erik Soulliard
Anubis Productions
Feature Horror Film

*Winner Best Feature Horror
Illinois International Film Festival
The Murder Game
Directed by Robert Harari
Feature Horror Film
* Best Feature Terror Film Festival
* Best Feature Salem Horror Film Festival
The Girl With The Sunglasses
Directed by Andrew Cesana
16mm - NYU Film

*Official Selection Slamdunk Film Festival
Directed by Erik Soulliard
Digital - Annubis Productions film
Directed by Simon Shen
16mm - NYU Film
The Shop
Directed by Paul Decegli
Digital - SVA Film
Enjoy The Show
Directed by Jess King
16mm - Hofstra
Those Days...
Directed by Jochen Miksch
16mm - NYFA Film

Directed by Deborah Roth
16mm - Hofstra Film

Pawn Of The Path
Directed by Nunzio Delpriore
Digital - Brookl
yn College Film
Directed by David Steiner
Digital - Untitled Pictures Film

The Box
Directed by Ryun Montenegro
Digital - SVA
Family Dynamics
Directed by Jonathan Grand 16mm - Hofstra Film
Directed by David F Ganin
Voice Over - NYU
Directed by John Defeo
16mm - NYU
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